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Stephen on Peter

What had been you longing for?

A fun night out. Or one of uncomfortable but humorous imitation pas minutes.

Initial thoughts?

Quite good-looking, gentlemanly.

Exactly what did you mention?

Syria, homosexual liberties, psychological state, household, vacation, TV, books, movies and food.

Any shameful moments?

The cafe failed to frequently know who we had been, but that turned into a bonus: it had been best that you have a common situation to unify us in probably shameful “Pleased to meet you” bit.

Great dining table manners?


Most sensible thing about Peter?

The guy does not simply take himself also honestly.

Can you introduce him to your buddies?


How would you explain him in three terms?

Intelligent, earnest, daring.

What do you imagine he manufactured from you?

I occasionally look a bit goofy.

Did you embark on someplace?

To a club on the horizon with a hidden tiki club, and to a different in Soho.

And… did you kiss?


Any time you could transform one thing concerning night, what would it be?

I would personally have totally dedicated to the tiki club: we chickened out and remained into the typical bar upstairs.

Markings of 10?

8 or 9.

Could you fulfill again?

I’d will.

Peter on Stephen

What were you longing for?

Having a great time with maybe a longer-term view.

1st impressions?

Very smiley and pleased.

Just what do you explore?

Sets from meals, theatre and journey to support for people with psychological state issues.

Any awkward times?

The cafe unsure who we had been.

Good table ways?


Smartest thing about Stephen?

Their desire for countless situations, with his great smile.

Do you introduce him to your pals?


Describe him in three terms?

Talkative, lively, well-dressed.

Exactly what do you believe the guy made from you?

I sensed the guy thought we’d a lot in accordance.

Did you go on somewhere?

Yes, for a couple of drinks.

And… did you kiss?


In the event that you could alter something about the evening, what might it is?

Just the misunderstanding inside the bistro.

Markings from 10?


Could you satisfy once again?

Yes, there’s been talk of it.

Stephen and Peter consumed at
Rosa’s Thai Cafe
, London W1,

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